MMI Engineering

is a product IT company with a sphere of activity in software development, automation and optimization of solutions for IT projects.

The company has more than 10 years’ experience in this field and holds a leading position in this segment in Europe and Asia.
So far, we have gained a large base of tools and practical experience, assembled a team, and facilitated further achievements. The foreign holding company Zafar Technology (UAE) guarantees its support and has invested $3 000 000 in the development of the company.

MMI has expanded its capabilities, is building capacity and is developing new professional areas. We are enthusiastic about ensuring the highest quality of the products we create.
As pioneers, we develop our talents and keep to the highest standards in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

The leaders of positions

The segment of Europe and Asia

Ready for achievements

Got a team and experience

Foreign support

$ 3,000,000 investment

Our philosophy is easy and simple

First, we are the MMI team

The greatest asset of the company is its employees. Our priority lies in the relationship between employees.



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Chief Operating Officer

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Head of information automation department

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Project manager

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Full-stack developer

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DevOps engineer

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Product designer

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Sales manager

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Software developer

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Data Scientist

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Inventive special


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Ordered special


Add me to the team

Secondly, these are the values that unite us

MMI does not compromise with conscience for the sake of profit.
We keep our promises and build reliable relationships.

For a company' success, we need people with different ideas and interests, and we encourage employees to openly exchange ideas and information, and make their own decisions.

Our company’s priority is to support one another; together we share the victories and achievements of our employees.
Trust, support and justice lie at the core of MMI philosophy.

We rely on the interest of employees, creating an atmosphere where everyone is truly interested and satisfied with working in the company. We appreciate everyone's contribution to the company's work.

We offer not only competitive salaries, but try to make our employees feel that we value and recognize their contribution. Satisfaction with the result should be both moral and material.

Third, the benefits of working with us

Become part of MMI

Create a useful product that makes life easier and saves time for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We work ahead of time, creating a product that has no competitors. Everyone can open up and become a creator and inventor. The management encourages employees' autonomy and freedom of action; we take into account alternative opinions and are always open to new ideas.

Work with pleasure

We are pioneers and leaders in the industry, so we work only with modern stack technologies on modern equipment, and in a convenient office or remotely, it is up to you to choose.
Customize your workday up to your needs, the work you do is important to us, not the time you spend on it. We value a friendly atmosphere in the team, because the company's success depends on the joint efforts of all specialists. Company's policy: set the vector, for motivated and free people do not need control.

Improve yourself professionally

Every person is important to us, so we promote professional and personal development. The company always supports and encourages the employees' desire to study and develop in accordance with their own preferences and priorities. It's up to them to decide which format to choose: individual professional programs, group programs for TOP speakers or personal development.

The care you feel

We care about our specialists, so we offer a fair, competitive, timely salary with a person-oriented social package and the ability to choose what you need. We provide a relocation package when moving. It is important for us that employees are satisfied with work, feel its value and recognition.

If you are inspired by our philosophy or you have a personal reason to join us, go ahead.

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